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  Coca-Cola Rooftop
Producer: Plasty Prod

Client: EITC du- Dubai, UAE

Campaign containing the project: launch of the second Tecomm company in UAE
Location: UAE
Project execution date: 17.01.2007
Execution time: 30days

Project description:

This stand is part of a large promotion campaign of the newly launched tecomm operator in UAE - du.
The stand is formed by two L-positioned desks, a background panel and two cabinets.
Both the desks and the panels are made in Paxton system- Italy import: 34 mm aluminum profile and translucent injected polycarbonate connectors.
The front and back panels are made of 6 mm cellular polycarbonate, set-in a 19 mm komacel frame, with digital print on self-adhesive tape pasted on top.
We choose that the boards of the two desks to be made in mass colored fiberglass, because it provides an outstanding anti-scratch resistance.
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